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Supply Olympus / Olympus 38DL PLUS_38DL PLUS ultrasonic thickness gauge

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Brand: Olympus / Olympus 
Model number: 38DL PLUS 
Price: Negotiable 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1  
Supply Ability:
Location: China
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Last Update: May 15, 2013
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Company Information
  • Clear instrument Co., Ltd. of China
  • Contact Person:Zhang Qing(Ms.)  
  • Member: [offline]
  • Tel:8618616597168
  • Mobile phone:8618616597168
  • Country:China
  • Adress:China Guangdong Shenzhen Baoan District of Shenzhen The second stage of clear spring of triple way of newly developed area of Medulla Junci 2 15A2s
Product Details

38DL The introducing detailedly of PLUS advanced multi-functional ultrasonic thickness gauge

38DL PLUS advanced multi-functional ultrasonic thickness gauge is that one opens supersound to examine the innovative instrument of new era of thick technology. This fund is handheld to examine the thick appearance and can be suitable for examining thick application in nearly all supersound perfectly, and fully compatible with all twin crystal and single crystal probe. Multiple functional 38DL PLUS examine thick appearance can use various application for, include, use twin probe to the intersection of intine and measurement that tube wall attenuates that corrosive pipe fittings carry on, and use the single crystal probe to the thin wall or extremely rigorous wall thickness measurement that the multi-ply pays.

38DL The standard configuration of PLUS has many measurement functions strong and easy to use, and some software which is used particularly in some special application selects. The design of its sealed chassis accords with IP67 and grades the requirement, can resist the harsh environmental condition of the extremely moist or many dust and sand. Whether colored to make completely against VGA display function to examine the thick appearance display screen no matter under the bright sunshine or can have extremely good visualities in the complete darkness. The key field to examine the thick appearance is succinct to also accord with the demands for human engineering. The operating personnel can visit all functions easily while using the left hand or right hand.

Key feature

Very compatible with twin crystal and single crystal probe.

Extensive thickness range: - 635 millimetres, fix 0.08 millimetres on the basis of the material and probe selected.

Use the twin probe to corrode and examine thick.

Penetrate coating and back wave and go to the back wave to measure the function, is used for measuring the superficial material with paint layer and coating.

The internal oxide layer / deposit software selects.

As to all probes, the standard definition is 0.01 millimetres.

Is it 2.25 to use the frequency domain MHz- 30 The single crystal probe of MHz, the high-resolution software selects Ke carries on the definition as thickness measurement of 0.001 millimetres.

The multi-layer software can carry on measurement to up to 4 difference layers at the same time to select.

It is high to penetrate the software and select and is used for measuring materials with high decaying nature such as fiber glass, rubber and thick casting,etc..

Thickness, velocity of sound and getting over time measurement.

Difference subschema and reducing rate mode.

Time base B scanning pattern; Each scanning can obtain 10000 and can check reading.

Olympus high dynamic gain technology with digital filter.

Used in the compensatory V beam path distance of self-defining V beam path distance and establish the function.

It accords with EN15317 standard to design.

What difference does this have to examine thick appearance and other and examine thick appearance

38DL Examine PLUS it is thick design of appearance is to last harsh application requirement in aim,and can outdoors and normal operation under extreme conditions for producing scene. No matter how moist, there is great dust sand, how cold or how hot, how bright or how dark to find the scene, 38DL PLUS can carry on monitoring normally. If you need one to defend striking, defending falling, firm durable examining the thick instrument, then, accord with IP67 and grade standard 38DL with rubbery protective sleeve PLUS is exactly the instrument that you want to look for


Is GageView interface program based on Windows used for collecting, establishing, printing and managing and coming from 38DL PLUS examines the data of the thick appearance.
Establish data set and measure the summary.
Data that the editor stores.
Reveal the data set and measure and summarize the file, the file includes thickness reading, examines setting up value and probe setting up value of thick appearance.
From examining and downloading the thickness measurement to summarize on the thick appearance, or upload the thickness measurement to summarize to examine the thick appearance.
Will measure and summarize and derive to electronic spreadsheet and other procedures.
Collect the screen caught.
Print the report about thickness, arrangement form, statistics and colored grid.
Function software of the staging.
Download and upload the single crystal and twin probe and set up the file.
B scans retrospect

Standard configuration

38DL PLUS digital audigage, AC supply or battery-driven, 50 Hz- 60 Hz.
Spy's actor's headgear boxing of standard twin crystal
The charger / AC adapter (100 VAC, 115 VAC, 230 VAC)
The built-in data inscriber
GageView interface program
Test block and couplant
USB cable
Rubbery protective sleeve, are there support and neck hanging belt
The user manual
Assure limitedly in two years
Measure the function: Penetrate and coat, penetrate the back wave of paint layer to the back wave, EMAT compatibility, minimum / maximum value mode, two warning modes, difference subschema, B scan, auto-call application, temperature compensation, mean value / minimum mode

Technical specification


Twin probe measurement mode

Time interval between the first back wave of accurate time delay that from behind the drive pulse.

Penetrate and coat the measurement mode

Utilize single the intersection of basal plane and back wave ' Use D7906-SM and D7908 probe) ,Measure metallic actual thickness and coating thickness.

Penetrate the back wave of paint layer to the back wave measurement mode

The time interval between two serial basal plane back waves, disregard the thickness of the paint layer or coating.

Single crystal probe measurement mode

The mode 1: Time interval between drive pulse and the first basal plane back wave.
The mode 2: Delay cable back wave with first basal plane back wave between time interval ( Use the delay line typely or water immersed type probe) .
The mode 3: After drive pulse, lie time interval (use the intersection of delay and line type or ink immersed type probe) between the first the intersection of surface and adjacent the intersection of basal plane and back wave to go back wave rear .
Oxide layer mode: Available.
Multilayered schema: Available.

Thickness range

0.080 millimetres - 635.00 millimetres, depend on material, surface condition of the probe, temperature and disposition selected.

Velocity of sound of material range

0.508 Mm / μ s- 13.998 Mm / μ s

Definition ( Can choose)

Low resolution: 0.1 millimetres
Standard definition: 0.01 millimetres
High-resolution ( Can select) : 0.001 millimetres

Frequency domain of probe

Standard: 2.0 MHz- 30 MHz( -3 dB)
High to penetrate ' Can select) : 0.50 MHz- 30 MHz( -3 dB)

General specification

Operating temperature range

-10 degrees of C- 50 degrees of C

Key field

The keyboard sealing, distinguishing the function with color, there are tactility and sound that are feedbacked.


Defend striking, waterproof chassis equipped with seal ring; The interface on the chassis is sealed. It accords with IP67 standard to design.

Exterior size (width x Is it high x It is thick)

Overall size: 125 millimetres x211 millimetre x46 millimetre


0.814 kilograms


AC/DC adapter, 24 V; Lithium battery, 23.760 Wh; Or 4 AA boosting batteries.

Battery-driven time of lithium ion

Operation time: 12.6 hours at least are generally 14 hours, it takes 14.7 hours at most. Charge fast: From 2 hours to 3 hours.


It accords with EN15317 standard to design.


Colored to reveal completely against VGA

Liquid crystal display, the size of the display screen: 56.16 millimetres X 74.88 millimetres


Full wave, RF wave, straight half wave, shouldering the half wave



1.0 is from the interface.



Storage card

Heaped capacity: 2 GB externally positioned MicroSD storage card.

Video output

VGA outputs the standard.

Built-in data inscriber

Data inscriber

38DL PLUS port identification through standard RS-232 serial port or USB, storing, returning, removing, transmitting thickness reading, undulate picture and instrument and disposing information.


475000 pieces of thickness measurement reading, or the waveforms of 20000 tape thickness values.

File name, ID code and explanatory note

The intersection of 32-bit microcomputer and file name of character, 20 the intersection of alphanumeric and bit code of character, every the unit have four explanatory notes.

Document structure

9 canonial or self-defining document structures used for particular application.


The on-board report has summarized the data statistics, minimum / maximum value, minimum reviewing, file comparing and warning report with place information.

The software selects

38DLP-OXIDE (U8147014) : The internal oxide layer using codes to activate measures the software.
38DLP-HR (U8147015) : The high-resolution of using codes to activate measures the software.
38DLP-MM (U8147016) : Use codes to activate one layer of measurement software multilayer.
38DLP-HP (U8147017) : Use high penetration that code activates ' Low frequency) Measure the software.

Choose the attachment

38DLP/EW (U8778348) : Guaranteed in 3.
1/2XA/E110 (U8767104) : Used in E110-SB Electric-wave filter adapter of EMAT probe.
38-9F6 (U8840167) : RS-232 cable
38-C-USB-IP67 (U8800998) : USB cable, are used for according with IP67 canonial sealed operation.
38DLP/RFS (U8780288) : Foot push, install in the factory.
HPV/C (U8780124) : Digital slide caliper rule cable, are used for inputting the thickness while measuring the velocity of sound.
38DLP-V-CC (U8840172) : Digital slide caliper rule cable.
38DLP/BCW/NC (U8780289) : Code reader of round bar.
EPLTC-C-VGA-6 (U8840035) : VGA exports the cable.
MICROSD-ADP-2GB (U8779307) : 2 GB externally positioned MicroSD storage card

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