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Supply KRIWAN, KRIWAN temperature sensor, KRIWAN control device

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Brand: KRIWAN 
Model number: KRIWAN 
Price: Negotiable 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1  
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Location: China
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Last Update: Mar 06, 2012
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Company Information
  • Di put Trade Co., Ltd
  • Contact Person:Manager Ouyang(Mr.)  
  • Member: [offline]
  • Tel:8613296248056
  • Mobile phone:8613296248056
  • Country:China
  • Adress:China Shanghai Zhabei District of Shanghai Room of field West Road 299 Long Chinese flowering crabapple mansion 601 of river
Product Details

Germany KRIWAN Company specializes in the protection control of electrical machinery / refrigerating compressor, control and environmental monitoring (the air, meteorological phenomena, environmental climate) of refrigerating system World-famous intellectual worker accuse of enterprise.
KRIWAN Company was created by Friedrich Kriwan and Jens Peter Huischen in 1968, the general headquarters lay in Germany Forchtenberg. The KRIWAN one it witness totally development and not answer and world for electrical machinery and compressor the processes of development. From grinding and producing PTC thermal resistor and series INT and protecting the control device at first, has already exceeded the course in 40 years so far, KRIWAN Company already protected the leading figure of the controlling industry as the domain inner electrical machinery / compressor of the world now. It is chosen first that it is the best that its product is famous, inner the recognizing as industry on the international market. Closing the coil type electrical machinery industry, its market share is 78%; In the cold compressor manufacturing industry, its market share is 86%.
The machine work level of Germany and position that the electronic product is in a leading position in the whole world. KRIWAN has a test center with independent third party's qualification, research and development, producing and testing that all go on in Germany of its product.
The above dominant organic integration, make KRIWAN remain the status that leader and technology in the industry are prospective all the time.

KRIWAN products and employing the category

Temperature sensor PTC / PT100 / PT1000
The protection of the electrical machinery / refrigerating compressor is controlled
The temperature controls the field
PTC thermal resistor and serial electrical machinery protectors that Germany KRIWAN Company produces are the steady products succeeded in developing in 1968, famous in the international market, recognized as and protect the choosing first best of the electrical machinery. Use the products of KRIWAN Company on almost all the electrical machineries of Europe, the market share is up to 90%, the occupation rate is 30% on the American market.
PTC it is small for thermal resistor to it features ' Size: 1.9* 0.6mm) , fast in response having 4 protect, and have 3 hair connect in series ' There can be 9 heads at most to connect in series) , can bury in the intersection of three-phase and coil of electrical machinery, can go on and protect to different temperatures, can also protect key placements such as bearing, lubricant of the electrical machinery,etc..
IN T69 series module
The protection of the electrical machinery / refrigerating compressor is controlled
Series INT69 are that corollary use comes with PTC thermal resistor specially, it is the most reliable temperature of electrical machinery of prevention that passes high protection and controls the products, chosen by global most electrical machineries / compressor producers.
This series of products mainly have INT69, INT69/7 - Ⅱ, INT69DV, INT69DM, INT69DMY, INT69F, INT69SC, INT69SC2, INT69SCY, INT69SCY2, INT69TM, INT69Y, INT69HBY, INT69FSY, LINK1" > INT69RCY, INT69V, INT69VS, INT69VSY - Ⅱ, INT69RCX-A2, INT169R, INT300, INT369, INT369DV, INT369R, INT389, INT389R, INT390, INT390R, SE-C1/C2 (INT69C1/C2) , SE-B1/B2 (INT69B1/B2) , SE-E1/E2 (INT69E1/E2) , SE-G1( INT69G1) Wait
The following totally closed / semi-closed piston type, the international brand manufacturers of totally closed volutions type and spiral shell's refrigerating compressors of staff form are its long-term customer: TECUMSEH safe health, MANEUROP is beautiful and excellent and happy, DANFOSS Sri Lankan of Denver, COPELAND valley wheel, PRESTCOLD, CARRIER opened profit (CARLYLE) ,BITZER to pool, BOCK blog, GRASSO Grasso, FRASCOLD Fuji is bold, Citroen zx of REFCOMP fields lying fallow in rotation, DORIN water chestnut, YORK York, DUNHAM-BUSH Chinese Bush, TRANE Trane, MCQUAY MacVeagh, HOWDEN bold, FRICK, ROLTEC is special, FUSHENG replies and holds, HANBELL Chinese clock, SANYO Sanyo, HITACHI Hitachi, DAKIN Daikin, MATSUSHITA Mitsubishi, NATIONAL Panasonic, KOBELCO supernatural steel, MYCOM, CENTURY,etc.
INT69 Diagnose series module and INTelligence software
INT69 Diagnose to go on new product most that upgrade at the intersection of KRIWAN and original ripe the intersection of product and foundation, have technology of industry. Install a compressor evacuation sensor additionally, can protect control function the comprehensive and fast and sex is strengthened, help users to carry on most accurate overall failure diagnosis and data storage in time.
Depend on installing the network module additionally: DP-Modbus Gateway, Modbus-LAN Gateway, can carry on network communication while having INT69 Diagnose module of the diagnostic feature by oneself, realize that protects the networking of control among the compressors.
INTelligence software that KRIWAN develops has strong and overall functions: Built-in database, intellectual control, controlling visual, network data communication etc. long-rangely, after combining with INT69 Diagnose module, have realized network communication, intellectual diagnosis and remote terminal protecting control among the compressors are controlled.
Depend on the above-mentioned products, represent the interdynamic refrigerating compressor of network-type intelligence of the future trend can be implemented to protect the control scheme ultimately.
+, INT277LA/278LCA, OLC-K1/D1 in optoelectronic type liquid-level switch INT265R, INT275L/276LC/276LC
The photoelectric reaction principle comes to monitor liquid level, when with overlow liquid level and after time delay that is set up, exporting the electrical relay is touched off and disconnected, get up
Protective action.
Connected by machinery and automatically controlled two parts the new product the most. It has a great deal of remarkable characteristics, can strengthen the efficiency of the refrigerating system and save the fee on running and maintaining.
The sensory transducer of wind speed of INT10 electronic formula, sensory transducer of wind direction of INT30 electronic formula
Electromagnetic principle, monitor the wind speed, wind direction, and change into the linear outcoming signal. Apply to wind power generation, crane / fields such as the hoisting machinery, cable car cableway, hydrometeorology, building project of the building, scientific research,etc..
High precision and definition; Solid reliable tolerance is high, resist shock and resist to shake and is able to bear the corrosion, is suitable for low temperature, severe weather and environment, take it from the heating arrangement; Resist high-frequency electromagnetic disturbance; IP64 protects the grade; Many kinds of installation forms and assemblies; Do not need to safeguard.

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